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Thanks to Dave, Cynthia's Bart is now Glenforrest Dancing at the Rascal Fair, JH

Cash after goose hunting with his humans Trina and Dave.

"Rocky" is now Riverbenz Rebel's Rollingrock MH
Dave and 3 year old Rocky completed their Master Hunting title at the LRCGB's September Hunt Test under Judges Michael Twardy, Harry Erickson & Apprenticing Judge Judith Erlanger. Rocky is named after Rolling Rock beer. On the back of every Rolling Rock's bottle is the number "33". Rocky was number 33 at this hunt test.
Dave and Twister get a JAM in Qualifying!!!


Alex and Joey with their two new Junior Hunters and two new Master Hunters
Humans and dogs

We Did It... Thanks Dave....... Couldn't have done it with out you...... Karen
Karen & Cinder earn their SH in 2007
Photo By: Karen Hocker
Alex and Joey's Trudy earns her JH 2007

We had a good week end at the Penobscot Hunting Retriever Test
Hitch and Pattie earn their JH - PHRC 2007
Cash and Pattie earn their JH - PHRC 2007
"My Guy" is now Firemark Can't Say No UD, MH
Excellent concept training, intuitive dog reading, patient understanding by Dave Sears = MH  but we aren't stopping there !..Pat Scribner

HRCH Yahweh Blessed Caleb MH

Qualified 2007 Master National Championship With owner/handler Stephen Rocco Aliberti.

Caleb was 0 for 5 in Master prior to training at Riverbenz. Since we started training with Dave Sears he has eleven passes in fourteen attempts including his most recent five in a row to qualify for the Master National. Thanks Dave!

Claire’s Cholla earned her JH in four straight trials in 2007
Hustle is a MASTER HUNTER!! What a year for this fabulous young dog!!!
Pat and 2 year old Hustle get a JAM in Qualifying!!!! 2007

Tristan & Joey earn their Master Hunter 2007
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