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A trip to Central New York put the finishing touches on the Riverbenz team this year and added three more Senior Hunters to the game.

“Poppy” Firemark's California Extract SH Owner/Handler Pat Scribner

“Patty” Maranatha W. Winds Patient Patty SH, WCI Owner June Cawood Handler: Dave

“Bart” Glenforrest Dancing at the Rascal Fair SH, WCX Owner Cynthia Abbott Handler Dave.
Cynthia and Bart also headed out to Pawcatuck River LRC Working Certificate and came home with a WCX.  Way to go Cynthia and Bart!!!  Do we feel Master in the air?
                              Glenforrest Dancing at the Rascal Fair SH, WCX

“Lottie” Lost Orchards Marks A Lot SH completed her Senior Hunter at Yankee Waterfowler's Hunt test. Owners Joe Waters/Dave Sears Handler Dave

Hitch completed his Senior Hunter the day before his 3rd birthday. Owned by Craig & Bobbie Jameson

Pierce born 10/2/08 a Rocky-Pewter daughter is a member of Colorado Task Force I. Here she is showing her ladder work.

Dave and Joker headed off to Shoreline to pick up that last master leg. Joker is now Naiad Be Deviled MH owner Doris Aylward.
Naiad Be Deviled MH
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