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Riverbenz Rebel’s Rollingrock MH
HRCH Yahweh Blessed Isabella MH

Izzie/Rocky puppies








3rd Generation

4th Generation

Riverbenz Rebel’s Rollingrock MH (Y)


FC-AFC Rebel With A Cause (Y)

FC-AFC Super  Pic (By)

CNFC-FC-AFC Hiwood Piper Pacer's Pic (B)

Smokin’ Juicy Lucy, MH (B)

FC-AFC MS.Chief (By)

NAFC-FC Trumarc's Zip Code (B)

FC-AFC MS. Mischief's Magic Marker (B)

Talgarth's Hog Wild MH (By)

NAFC-FC-AFC Ebonstar Lean Mac  (By)

CNFC-CNAFC Waldorf's High Tech (Y)

Ebonaceae Princess (B)

Autumn Run's Talkin' Tailwind (By)

FC-AFC Black Gold's Kates Rascal (Y)

FC AFC Custer's Tailwind Toots (B)

HRCH Yahweh Blessed Isabella MH (Byc)


PMP’s Sherlocke Browne of Trieven (C)

FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Barracuda Blue MH (C)

Haverhill's Brown Blitz Krieg (C)

Haverhill's Missy Blueblack (B)

Trieven Ann Teak (C)

FC-AFC Mueller's Stormy Canada (B)

Trieven Gambol (B)

PMP’s Jazz-Myne Of Mischief (B)

FC-AF Rebel Ridge Cody's Mischief (B)

NAFC-FC Trumarc's Zip Code (B)

FC-AFC MS  Mischief's Magic Marker (B)

PMP'S Black Mist (B)

Number One With A 
Bullet MH, QAA (B)

Lewis's Shadow Dancer (B)

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