** DAVE SEARS FREMONT, NH ** 603-895-5457 ** Riverbenz1@earthlink.net

Riverbenz Rebel’s Rollingrock MH
Bay State's Moxie Scout

3 boys available.
Contact Kare Wrean 781-893-3944
email: knwrean@yahoo.com

Moxie/Rocky puppies



3rd Generation

4th Generation

Riverbenz Rebel’s Rollingrock MH (Y)


FC-AFC Rebel With A Cause (Y)

FC-AFC Super  Pic (By)

CNFC-FC-AFC Hiwood Piper Pacer's Pic (B)

Smokin’ Juicy Lucy, MH (B)

FC-AFC MS.Chief (By)

NAFC-FC Trumarc's Zip Code (B)

FC-AFC MS. Mischief's Magic Marker (B)

Talgarth's Hog Wild MH (By)

NAFC-FC-AFC Ebonstar Lean Mac  (By)

CNFC-CNAFC Waldorf's High Tech (Y)

Ebonaceae Princess (B)

Autumn Run's Talkin' Tailwind (By)

FC-AFC Black Gold's Kates Rascal (Y)

FC AFC Custer's Tailwind Toots (B)

Bay State's Moxie Sout (B)


FC Running With the Devil (B)

FC AFC Dare to Dream (B)

FC AFC Wilderness Harley To Go (B)

FC AFC Fishtrop Aggie (B)

FC AFC Trailcreek Blue's Dacey (B)

FC AFC Cedar VAlley's Hi-Bird Turk MH (B)

Beavercrest Stukagin Blue (B)

Maranatha W. Winds Patient Patty SH, WCI (B)

Maranathas Pilgrim of Kerale CD MH (B)

AFC Hawkey's B R Buddy (Y)

OTCH Winfield's Leap of Faith UDX OA OAJ (B)

Maranathas Patience for All SH (C)

Candlewoods Cash on the Line (B)

Wanderer Scout Zak CD MH (B)


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